Boosting brand-retailer relationship through technology

Suitapps retailer app allows brands to provide complete visibility to retailers on pricing, schemes , new brand announcements and promotions, thus boosting engagement

Order to Fulfill

Automates the entire ordering process from the retailer placing order to its fulfillment.

Full transparency

Suitapps retailer app ensures complete transparency in Pricing and schemes offered to retailer.

BTL engagement

Brands can engage with the retailer through Brand Announcements & Promotions on the Retailer Application.

Reports and Analytics

Get deep data driven insights about retail ordering behavior, performance of schemes/promotions, and market behavior.

Features to save your Time & Business easier

Helps to Track Your Business Finances with SUITAPPS ERP integrated Mobile Apps


The Dashboard gives you an overview of your business transactions, sales, reports, etc.

Manage Inventory

Lets you manage your inventory, update/remove the stock, or revalue the existing stock.

Data Security

We understand your data confidentiality, and we used advanced security to protect your data.

Easy Invoices

Helps to generate professional looking invoices within seconds, we made it much more comfortable and quick.

GST Returns

Helps to generates all your business reports, calculate tax liabilities. Make your business GST ready.


We value your Business, Time, and Needs! You can contact us via Phone or Email, and our team is always there is help you.

Filed Force Management

Tracking and Activities

BI & Analytics

data to make smart decisions

Van Sales Automation

Complete on-the-move management

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