Easy Field Force management and data capture

Capture all types of data from field using highly customizable activity forms

Real time tracking and management

Manage your field force with real time geo location based tracking and productivity reports.

Real time data capture

Capture a variety of data types using customizable forms for market intelligence, surveys etc.

Report and Analytics

Analyze complex datasets captured from the field using Bizom’s versatile analytics engine.

Attendance Management

Geo tagged, geo fenced, time stamped, selfie based attendance system to manage field force attendance.

Accurate Reports
for your Business Growth

We know data are is NO GOOD unless you get the view you want.
Accurate reports can help to grow your business.

Depending upon the requirement, we design, deliver reports needed to clients related to your marketing, products, customers, sales, suppliers, purchases, discounts and offers, balance sheets and much more with specific styles, custom design, and regional language.

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Van Sales Automation

Direct Store Delivery operation

Retail Execution

collect market intelligence

Van Sales Automation

Direct Store Delivery operation

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